5 best way to be aware in every situation

5 best way to be aware in every situation

Becoming aware is most important part of your life to getting information, taking action in the right situation. 

Make you a great person who always behave great according to the situation.

People like the person who is aware themselves.

It is important to be aware or pay attention to the things which are happening in life. If you don't. You will miss feeling life's full enjoyments.

I am telling you because I was a brain tumor patient. After discharge from hospital and then west my three years in rest.  After spending a long time I was wondering how to arise up in this situation.

I was totally blank. At those days I read the number of articles and post about motivation. which was come in newspapers and magazines.  Where I read some articles about awareness. Where I learned how to be aware and how to make life grateful to live.

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It is necessary to all the human beings to be aware of the things or life or it's anything. Right!!!

People never pay attention to the things. Means they do but don't focus on small things.   They focus on the things are big and important.

Small and tiny things have similar to other, otherwise, little things in life only talk big. Life is small on small things only.

So let the awareness inside you do not die. Use it in every sphere of life, under all circumstances.

Do not fear. Do not be afraid, If you don then, this thing has not worked. If you want to concentrate on everything in it if you do your work well enough, then you have to leave the rate.

Do not say that the throw it completely. A little fear is necessary. I want to say that be self-confident.

Just I believe that awareness works well with self-confidence.

Here I share 5 tips about awareness.  I hope you like it.


Listen as much as you can. You can understand the better understanding as much as you can. The most extreme and effective way is to "listen". In this process, you can get a good understanding of the front and answer it well.

If you are well heard then you can understand well. So, be aware.

2#. Mindfulness

Here I am saying about the mind. Which is a very powerful machine. Many times our objection is such that we did something and our brain does not realize that it did it in reality. Many times our mind does not even know what he had eaten yesterday and what he had eaten in the afternoon.

Our mind plays a significant role in the action of meditation. Friends, do not take it lightly, this is the most important part of the process. You must control it.

3#. Be aware of fillings and thoughts

Do you know that in the manner of your behavior, the success of your decisions and ideas in the manner of thinking is understandable? Yes, our feelings and thoughts have the power to convert any dream into reality.

So, it also very important to be aware of feelings or thoughts.

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4#.To take action

Usually, we are very serious about the actions which are taken by as. We are serious about them but don't aware.

They take action, they are also serious about them, but they do not have complete information. As I mentioned above, I took action,, but I did not know what I had eaten yesterday and what happened yesterday afternoon.

So, always be aware of actions

5#. Your Breathing

You don't believe it but it's true.  Breathing also can help to increases your awareness. It also helps you to beat laziness.

When breathing is taken properly or deeply all the parts of the body are work very well. Not only physically but also mentally.  So, be aware of breathing.

So, this is the importance of breathing,

If you have any question about this article then comment your question in the comment box.

I will try to give your answer. Thank you.

Written By:
Hemang Kathiriya

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