7 realistic way to earn money from home

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Hello Friends, in this article we talk about "7 realistic way to earn money from home" You can earn easily from your home. There is no investment. The people don't want to do a job and the people and women who wish to work from home. This article is for you.  if you don't read our previous post about"why we use youtube h in life?" then read it.

Still, while Internet comes in our life it has brought massive change in every life. Especially who know about the internet. All kind of information is available on the internet. If you are stuck in some problems, which are related computers and mobiles and any kind of things.

There are lots of tutorials available according to your problems. So, don't scare if you have problems. I also solve problems and do it till now.

There are lots of ways to earn money online. Most of way is work.  Maybe! Listen, I am telling you based on my past. In my past what I did. I had chosen a different way to do online work. Believe me, I can't earn from any work.

Because I Trying 2 to 4 work in single time. I didn't succeed. I can't make the focus on work. I had more than one work so, that's why I can't get succeed.

So, make sure you have a good focus on work not perfect but quite good. So, here I share 7 realistic way that how you can make money from home. If you have enough focus to do 2-3 work together then you can. And if you have problems you just go to Google search according to problems.

I'm sure Google will solve your 90% problems.

7 realistic way to earn money from home

1#. Blogging 

Blogging is a good way to make money from home. All the people who are work online and make a good amount of money. They recommend do blooming.

Some of you think what is blogging? It is like a personal diary. You can write your experiences, thoughts about things, share your opinions also can teach others what you learn from your school, college or life.

If you want to share your experiences and blogs with others you will have to do some settings. So, all the word can read your blog.

It is a good way to share information what you have. Here you think that "How can I make money from it?"   When your blog gets some traffic, you can allow some ad network to place their ads on your blog.

And when visitors come on your blog and click on ads you will be paid for this. There are lots of networks like Adsense, Adnow, Infolink, propeller. Etc… These are some popular ad networks. There is also another ad network but these are good.

First, you always have to focus on writing not earning. If your writing means your articles, posts are good. You will make handsome money from it.

If you want to start blogging you can start with a free platform blogger. This post will help you. "How to create a free blog on the blog on blogger platform"


This is another good way to earn money online. Here you have to create YouTube channel and it's free platform. Upload videos which you like or make some funny, informative videos, make videos which are helpful for peoples.

Here is the same process to earn from your own videos. You have to allow the ad network to place the ad on your videos.

In YouTube, there are very few ad networks. 1.AdSense  2.affilate marketing

But don't worry There are so many companies who want you tuber to preview there product. But for that, you have a good traffic and subscribers. The company allows you tuber to review their product. Instead of this, they paid good money.

You have to focus on consistency. Make a timetable and follow them regularly.

3#. Online teaching

It is also the good way to work from home and make money. There are lots of people and students are coming on YouTube to learn different things.  It is a good way to teaching online and gets money.

You can teach anything about education, how to make money online, Give guidance about things, you can teach about health and fitness, bodybuilding, you can teach any things online.

It need not any qualification.  So, anybody can teach online.

4#. Sell stoke photos online

It is also a good way to earn to sell your photo.  If are you good at photography. You can sell photos and earn money.

There is some company that you can connect them and submit your photo. When someone Download photo you will be paid.

5#. Create your own product and sale

Everything is possible with the internet. There are lots of product sell online. Everybody prefers to buy the product online. You also create your own product and sell it on the internet and make money.

Just go to Google and search "online photo sailing sites" There are many sites who provide service.

6# Teach people on udemy

It is a very good way because many people searching for a video tutorial that they can learn very well. You can make a video tutorial on particular coerce and submit on udemy.  You have to keep an amount on your video tutorial.

And when someone buys your tutorial then you will get money.

7#. To become a freelancer

Many people earn good money with this platform. People need to be skilled. You can develop any skill. Make sure you know about the skill.

Here you have to work with clients who are from many places. They need a person who completes their work in time. After finish, the working person will get money.

Skills are impertinent in this field. If you have no skills there is no chance to get work. Here are some best freelance company.




There are many freelancing websites. But these are best to work.

So, there are also data entry jobs available on the internet. But most of them are fake. Means 99% jobs are fake.  Don't go for it and don't west time on searching this jobs. Believe me, they are fake.

After reading "7 realistic way to earn money from home" articles what is your feeling and which work would you like to do and totally present it. Let me now answered in the comment section and don't forget to share this articles with your friends. Thank you

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Hemang Kathiriya

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