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Hi friends, in this article you learn a motivational story that "enjoy life every moment" Most people spend their time at work and their routine. Sometimes they don't consider in their life and work as an animal who just work for food. And people work for money. They never focus on how their life is and where it is going!
People have forgotten themselves that they have a beautiful life. You know It is amazing. Take the time for it. Work will be a whole life. Your life is limited. Enjoy It. Take a little time all day for your life.

Here I share a story to enjoy your lives every moment. Because every time life doesn't work which we want. Right…!! Enjoy this story.

            Enjoy life every moment

Suresh lived in a big city. He had a shop in Cybercafé. Because of the reason for being a bigger bear, there were also crowds in his shop. His shop was well running.

The shop was moving well and there was a lot of crowds in the shop. Because of this, work was also increased. Suresh opened the shop at 8 a.m. and tied it at 9 o'clock and used to go to the house.

Suresh was married. He had a wife and two children. Whenever Suresh came home, he was completely tired. As soon as he came home, he used to keep his laptop in bed for 10 minutes.

After resting, he started doing his own work of opening his laptop. He continued working until the next one and a half hours. His wife said that the food is placed on the table. Eat more quickly or else it will cool down. Suresh Say  "I have some work, I will eat later."

He was so busy doing his work that he did not know when 11 went to Afzal.

Suresh completed his work. He looked quite tired. She sat down to eat food. He used to have a habit that whenever he sat down to eat food, he sat down with the TV. 11.15 in the clock and his wife and children had slept.

Suresh was watching his favorite program at the time of the lunch. He had a meal and was resting on the sofa for a while. But when he was resting, his eyes were not known.

He wanted to spend time with his wife and children, talk to them. But due to Suresh's work, this couldn't happen.

 Are we doing like Suresh! Are we don't give importance to life! Our life deserves our importance. You know!  Don't repeat those mistakes which Suresh had done.

                 These some reason that why you should give importance to your life?

Everyone should give importance to it

Live your life before it live you

It doesn't matter, that everything is going bad in my life. Remember it, in life, whatever happens, happens for good

It is abstract, which was given by God. And God has a great plan for everyone's life. Trust him

Without given any kind of importation by you, it becomes worthless to live

Always be positive – When you think and feel positive, you will show yourself growing up, will become hipper, will become smarter, have a good control on focus

                   These are some reason that helps you well.  I also faced problems when I had never given any importance to life, in my past. After that, I started giving value to it and always kept positive thoughts and fillings to it.

                  Not immediately but slowly the difference between my life began to appear. I understood, how much it helped to give importance to life.

                People need focus on life little things instated of considering on every kind of problems. When you focus on things are growing. It becomes bigger. So, always focus on life's little things, every moment.

                Some little things I should consider in our life

Enjoy life little things

Deep Breathing

Control thoughts

Have a smile

Stop running away from little problems

Be confident

These are some common things which I focused when I face problems, troubles, known moments in my past and I hope, you will not avoid these things.  It helps me in life when I face critical situations.

In this article, I want to understand that our lives are beautiful. God gives us an incredible life. So, why we west it for a few things. If we do not give importance to our lives, then who will? If you want a result then you must do it.

In today's "enjoy life every moment – motivational story" article what about your feelings on this topic? Please, leave a comment in the comment box. Thank you.


Our lives are so beautiful But it’s not every person’s cup of tea to understand that. They waste it on unuseful things. I always try to make it more beautiful than before. Through Meditation, to pray all mighty god every day. Thank you for give me life and such great parents.

Written by:-
Hemang kathiriya

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