How is breathing important in life?

Breathing is important

Are you take breath properly? If you don't then you should read this article. Hi, I am Hemang Kathiriya and today in this article I talk about "How breathing is important in life?" It is a very normal process but everyone should focus on that if they want to live a stress-free life. Breathing is an automatic process. I think everybody never focuses on it because it is very common part of our life. We have so many works so, don't get time for this type of things. In this post, we talk about this. If you don't read our old post why we need meditation to succeed in life? then read it.

It is very important to take breath properly. It became you more focused on what you do. It brings more awareness. That helps you in every situation, How to control it. It increases our awareness.

Why we do breathe?

Normally we do breathe to live life, to survive but there is more reason that we never focus on.  Like if you focus on breathing very well, you will understand that How many ways it helps.

When I was sick and admitted to the hospital. Doctors told me to do exercise and take a breath. They told me not normal but deep breath. My health becoming normal to good. I took a deep breath every day. I think that is the reason to get discharged early.

Now, I know how much it important to breathe and deep breathing works very effectively. It helps to heal in energies also. When it does regular the way of your working became good. It also helps to enhance creativity, to keep away laziness.

It helps to control the mind. You know! The mind is a very powerful machine. If you get control on the mind. You can achieve anything that you wish.  Sometimes it is out of control. There are many ways to control the mind. To breathe is one of them.

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Deep breathing is good for health

If you do this regularly in life, you get more awareness.  Everybody knows that how much awareness our body needs. It increases your memory power.  With the help of mind, you can finish every work very smooth way.

It is very helpful for your body if you are to take a breath deeply. What is my experience, Every time I was worry about my health and career? Because I was a brain tumor peasant and after got discharge, I don't know what is happening in my life and what to do it or not.

I was very confused. I had visited two physiotherapy centers. One of them taught me about breathing.  When I confused can't understand the things I start deep breathing.

My heart makes peace, helping me to think about things well, I feel restless in my body. Any work, it comes in better understanding than before. As if I take any work in but she cannot understand her how to do it? I am in a dilemma

But if I breathe deeply in that time, then the mind gets relief in such a way and slowly starts to open. When the mind becomes calm, then it is able to understand things well.

This is a very good process for the body. From my experience, everyone should have a deep breathing in order to live a good life and to think in a better, in a better way. It keeps our mind good, together with our brains better than before.

A benefit of deep breathing

I recommend Everyone to must apply this exercises in life. I also applied this to my life and its results are incredible. It has many benefits.  When you know its benefits, you will also want to do. So, Here I tell you benefits of deep breathing.

1#. Enhance your memory power

You can enhance by applying deep breathe. It is a very effective way to increases your ability to remember. It helps to remember things which are hard to remember

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2#. Make clean blood

To take deep breathe helps to come out carbon dioxide from blood clean blood and increase amount or oxygen.  Which is healthy for the body.

3#. Make the mind relax

Everybody knows very well that how much mind is powerful. A mind is a powerful machine.  So, It is necessary to relax mind because you have to do someone work through it. In this case, deep breathing helps you.

4#. Helpful to decrees stress, depression, tension

When I am in depression, tension or feel stress at that time I start to take deep breathe It is decreed my all worries and tension. You know very well that how is difficult to handle these things.

5#. Relieves pain

Some of you will make how breathing relieves pain? But it true.  It depends on your thinking, feeling, and experiences that how is your breath when you feel the pain you stop breathing or not take at it is.

It also was done with me in past. At that time birthing is the reason that I got discharge very soon.

6#. Improve your posture

If you are aware of fitness then you should know deep breath also improve posture.  First start birth deeply and continue the process. During this try to get posture which you want. Maybe! You want to sit stat. You will do it and hold it as far as you can.

So, be positive and keep happy. You must be positive and happy before you start breathing. If you are not in good mood and don't take anything positively, means if you be a negative person you will leave the process imaginable. So, be positive and keep happy.

So, how do you like this "How is breath good in life?" article? Please, comment in the comment box and don't forget to share this article with your friends and relatives. Thank You

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Hemang kathiriya

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