How negative thinking ruin your lifestyle?

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Hello Friends, Never let enter negative thoughts, feelings, and behavior in your mind. Because people don't know properly "How negative thinking ruin your lifestyle?" In this article, I will explain this and also share my experiences according to it. So, read this whole article and you don't read our other article about enjoy life every moment – motivational story. Then read it.

People want to leave their life in a stylish way. The feeling is amazing when you do everything in a stylish way, good way. This way you can enjoy life very well.

But what, when something happening wrong in life, Situations are against you and feel nothing going to good in life. This type of thinking makes you slow and never let you go farther speedily.

They become obstacles and comes in the middle of your growth. It's not spoiled mind and body but also ruined lifestyle.

Lifestyle means humane life who has own style. Which help Humane can express their life openly.

If I talk about my life.  I was a brain tumor patient. After the operation, My life totally spoiled. I don't know how to rise up in that situation. But I told myself, again and again, to never give up.

In those situations, I learned lots of rule about life. Therefore I want to tell one thing in this article.  It about lifestyle.  It is the best way to live your life again openly.

                            How negativity affect you?

I was depressed when I discharged from the hospital. I don't know how I start my new life. That I allowed doing everything that I want. Because I was not able to move and walk, to see, can't speak properly and more.

So, I west my three years in rest. And then I joined the school.  All students are looking good. All students live their life with a style. They do everything with style and every one like that student who does things with style.

I noticed it. I couldn't walk. As I mentioned above. So, I observed from students and noticed

"Style play most important role to take life in farther."

One thing is I learn that everyone should apply a style in life who lead your life farther. But what, When you feel lonely ness, depression, tension etc….

This type of things make your life slow, Became your life slow. Normally, you aren't able to find ways to come out in those situations.

Negativity never works well. In my case, If you keep negative thinking, It never let you do positive and spoil every work.

How affect the negative thinking on the body?

All human beings aware of two ways 1) Physically 2) mentally. Here I discussed Physical effects.  You already know how thoughts affect our body!

If you thinking positively, your body is work very well. It can do any type of work without giving any excuse. Don't feel tired quickly. Always ready to complete the work, always ready to work hard. Your body feels light and fresh.

And Is There are negative thoughts in mind, things are work well opposite direction which I mention above. The body can't work properly as your wish.  Though situations are normal your body give an answer quickly. In this condition, your body easily gives up.

If I tell about my past, I had so many problems. I had to rise up in those every situation and face many negative thoughts. With this type of thoughts, my body gives up quickly. This situation happened to me again and again.  Now it also happens but not more because I know how negative thought spoiled my life. 

Work can't be proper if there is negativity in a body.

How to overcome negative thoughts?

There are lots of articles and video tutorials available online which will tell you how to overcome negative thoughts. However Here I share my experience to overcome negative thoughts.

1# Exercises

It makes your mind light, to feel freshness If you exercise there is a comical which called dopamine. Which help you to stay excited, keep you far away from negativity.

I was a brain tumor patient. So, have to exercise daily. Not heavy but some light exercises walking, daily 10 -12 push-ups and mediation that's it.

2# To be positive

In my past, I'm so negative. Because something happens wrong with me. Every time I was in tension and depression and every time thought what next? What next? Negative thoughts lead me the person who is peasant of paralysis.

Slowly, slowly I start to become a positive person.  Who live life positively think, eat, lesion, positive things. When you be positive that way you express yourself more.  So, I want to say to all never allow negative thoughts and feelings in your body and mind.

3# To pray

I every day pry and I got a huge benefit from it. I recommend you to start pry every day. It takes few minutes. But make sure you pry to Hartley. So, then you see the result.

I do it every day. It very helpful to overcome negativity. Not only has this but also give you some extra energy for work.

So, these way I overcome negativity. I hope it also helps you.

How to deal with negative thoughts?

First, identify that which kind of negative thoughts you have. Find the reason why it comes in your life.  It comes in your life to make you weak.  Don't let them control you. They are just small obstacles. Ignore them and go farther in life.

In my case, what I do to control situations, whenever something wrong and negative things happen. I remind myself that whatever happens in life is for good only.  After that situation is become easy to control for me.

I have seen that people became negative when they make mistake. To make mistake is natural. So, don't be negative about your mistake.

In my past I did same. I made many mistakes. And same I have mentioned. I also became a negative person in those days.  It is OK. Every person makes this mistake unknowingly.  
If you struggle with this. Please read other points of this articles and don't judge yourself by making mistaking.


Don't be a negative person in life and don't ruin your life. Because life is short when you set your goals. So, never west time ignore this thing.  Work hard for your dreams and goals. Stay away from negative thinking from you. Because they make the speed of life slow.
So be positive, be happy

So, how do you like our How negative thinking ruin your lifestyle? article and what your thought about negativity? Give your answer in the comment box. If you like this article then please share it with your friends. Thank You.

Written by:
 Hemang Kathiriya

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