How to learn new language? may be it's difficult !

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                  Hi Friends, Sometimes it's tough to "learn new language!" But it can be as easy as you can. It totally depends on your mind. I mean only you can make it easy or hard.

                 Yes, it depends on your mind because a mind is a very powerful machine. You should train your mind to get a good result that what you want. It takes time to learn and understand a new language.

                  Do not hesitate to learn and understand in one go.  It will come slowly. If you think it takes too much time then it will and it's very easy to do then you will do it fastly. This way you can better and fast.


           Usually, it's difficult for us to study on  another language that's we never know. Right!  But it doesn't matter. Always remember that you can do what you think about.  I know, it's tough, it's hard.

If you want to study on new words and preshes then you must do it, whether it tough or not.

         When you have tough different language, the first time you will feel scared.  Lots of thought are hovering in your mind. At that time you can't sit peacefully. You have many questions according to your thoughts.

        You can't be able to remember unique words. The words, characters, and tense make you crazy. You want to give up in this situation. All people want to do it same.

        They feel like this and their second step is to run away from this thing or problem or trouble. Because they believe it is a big problem and we will never completely understand that.

       These thoughts make you wake inside. These negative thoughts break your courage. Its break your positive thoughts which give you push to go ahead. Who tell you, it's a little problem.


            In my case, when I studied new language means I am living in India. So, It's difficult me to use the English word in my life.  I fill nervous when I speak English words.

      That's why    I never use English words in my past.  I feel something difficulty when I speak those words which are totally different from my culture.

      Whenever I hear different words from my friends and someone's mouth, it's good to hear. After that when I speak, I did not fill well. So, I never understood the English a group of different words in my past. At those days I do the same thing as other children do, I ran way to study on the English language.

     Here I want to say that it is not a good thing that runs away from problems and these are very little problems.


         I repeat this words whenever I have to face any kind of problems. They help me to make myself strong inside and I am sure it helps you too.

       As grew up in, I need to learn English.  Because it's necessary. When I start to study, Every time it becomes a new group of words. Because I can't remember after some time.  I did have to renderer one word or tense or spelling again and again.

       I did it and do it now without given any excuse whether it is a new language or unique problems. You know! An excuse is not beneficial. So, why I give an excuse and west my valuable time.
          After that nothing happens differently in my life. Problems come every time. I feel about an English is agroup of many different words.

           When any type of problems come into my life I told myself that don't think again and again about the same problem. You know! If you do it, you feel everything is fine and can do what you want to, focus where you want.

            It's helped me a lot when I think again and again about the same problem. To think again n again is not a good thing. Ok, it's vest of time.

          Make sure when you study on a different words don't repeat those mistakes what I did. It saves your lots of time.

          So, this is my personal experience while I learn the totally different words and help me to become a good blogger. So, now I can write very good n very well. It's my dream to become a good blogger.

       After all, don't care for any situation. Think it for few minutes and then stop thinking and jump in the situation. It is doesn't matter you are ready or not at that time, Just go with it.

          So, do like this while you have to face the same situation what I faced, and apply this strategy. I sure it will help you to grow up fast.

        It is difficult to study new words and attach it from your life or use it for your work or whether your purpose is? Don't afraid this kind of situation. Right…


         While you go to learn something unique which are totally different according to your lifestyle. It scares you a little bit. But don't afraid to learn. I can do. You will do it easily.

        So, how like  "HOW TO LEARN NEW LANGUAGE? MAYBE IT'S DIFFICULT" the article please let me know put your comment in the comment box, I appreciate it.

Written by:
Hemang Kathiriya



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