How are you all my friends! Today we learn to “stay away from negativity it stops you.”  It broke your focus and take you far from reality, makes our life worthless. It does not move us to forward. We should avoid negativity. They don’t help us to rise up in our life.

Their mind is never achieved success.  But one thing I notice in my whole life that there is negative thought in our mind more than positive thought.

Someone, please! Tell me why it happens?   Thoughts generate automatically in peoples mind and most of are negative!! You need to generate and focus on the positive thought.

If you do not focus on your thoughts and feelings. It’s your big mistake. Every one like to grow in life. But they don’t know their thoughts.  They don’t aware of their feeling.  These things are very important to make life worthwhile.

Our life is very beautiful. We must care about life because human beings get it only one life for their entire life.

If we lost it or never take care of it. If we don’t focus why we have this life and don’t behave like a man who doesn’t care about what is happening in life.

If your life is like this so, be careful. Start from now to focus on your thoughts and feelings because of they know the way that to convert your dream into reality.

For that first, avoid negativity. Ran away from bad thoughts, leave feelings which make you bad.

After applying these things in life. It’s become very easy to live. You know!! I also do these things in my life constantly.

Why am I saying like this?

In my past, I do this many time. But not constantly so, I didn’t get its good benefit. Many time I never got any benefit from it.

In this situation, many people leave it and live there life as a donkey. Who is work only when someone hit it?  If you are don’t stop Questioning and don’t consider my word may be! You become like I mention above.

So, it’s necessary to be continual. If you apply continually in your life. You can’t imagine how it beneficial by all means. The need is to apply.

It changed the way of view from my life. Now I feel happy but not every time. and it is ok. No one stays happy every time.  Very few time seriousness also need in life.

So, you will understand that How much it bad to have a negativity.

Here I give you some tips to you just protect yourself from negative things and make beautiful life to live and feel the people good around you.


Here I give you some tips to stay away from things who make your life worthless.

•    Avoid bad and uses less thought. Because they never came with a deadline that how long I should think of it. Make sure that thought it has some value

•    Stay away from the gossips which are happening around you

•    Don’t think too much in any situation

•    Take Deep breathing. Believe me, this technique is very useful. Try it now!!

•    Don’t lose your confidence in any situation.

•    Depend on my past, I want to say that consider your thought and fillings.

Here I share with you some tips to protect you from negativity. I applying this tips in my past and also now.
One thing I notice that no one is happy in their life every time. Right!!Sometimes we have to be happy for our self.

People means that someone has the formula to be happy, to get a success. They think that this person will solve my problems.  With this mindset, I can say they never make efforts.

If a person who want achieve the goal or success, He has to put effort constantly. After put effort constantly he gets a more good result then he deserves.

And it’s possible by applying this tips in our life and focus on it.

It’s very useful tips. Everyone should try these. These protect you from negativity. Now, I give you some reason that why you have to stay away from negativity. It stops you….. Right..!!

So, let’s go…….!



Here is some reason that you should consider.

1.    It is an obstacle to your life. How much you focus on it’s become bigger and bigger. It’s necessary to come in life. Don’t focus on much more.  Always remember that you are bigger than your problems.

2.    A Person who feel bad and stay in that situation for a long time. Then, negativity will attack him and will make him weak.

3.   You are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with it. – JIM ROHN

4.   Always remind your brain that whenever you going to do something you feel pain. Don’t worry about it. Remember that no pain no gain. Any kind of pain is also an obstacle.  Don’t lose your faith in it.

5.   No one can feel you good. Only you can make yourself feel good or bad.  So, focus on yourself n remained your mind again n again what is happening in my life happens for good.

6.   Any kind of situation comes to life, Just do this thing this things help me lot. To face any problem I reminding my mind that “I am good, what is happening right now happens for good.” It gives me the energy to fight from the situations.

Here, I have shared some reason which is related to my past. I am sure it’s very useful to all. Please apply this and focus on these points.

Please consider and focus on every point with continually for few days or maybe a week. But the result is incredible.  It helps me a lot when situations are against me.  After applying this tips don’t be a negative person.If you become negative can’t see the result.

So, How is today’s “STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVITY | IT’S STOP YOU” article?” Please leave a comment in the comment box and share your thought and share this article with your friends and others who need helps. Thank you for reading.

Written by;
Hemang Kathiriya

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