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  Hi friends, I'm Hemang Kathiriya. Today I have bought this article for you and that is "TOP 5 WAY TO BE HAPPY – IN LIFE". Friends, what is happening in everyone's life. Sometimes we are happy and sometimes feel bad. Right!! Also, read our old post "stay away from negativity."

 But when we feel good we enjoy life's every moment but when we feel bad n happen something wrong whit us, we just fall down.

Whenever it happens, human beings forget himself to rise up in that movement. Yes, it's happening to everyone.  Some people successes to get out of it. Good!! But many people can't do it. Like me!!

 In this article, I tell you about my experience about like that movements and give you some tips to be happy.

If I tell you about my past, I Face many many problems like other will have. Means I totally became blank when they have come in my life. In that situation what I did, I just sit down a side and sometimes I ran away from it.  Which was a wrong idea?

Here I want to tell you that don't do that because it's not a good thing. By the way, you can, but after that, you can't make progress in life. This type of thinking is not right to avoid troubles,

You can't know even guess that is harmful to you. After avoiding problems you feel good for sometimes. After  You will get trouble letter.  And this time it will big.

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There are a couple of things that you and I doing wrong and you have to consider that and make sure to don't repeat in future.  Everyone knows that things or few people, but never focus on them.

In my past, I did everything wrong very very wrong that which you shouldn't have to do. You and I are human beings. And ours. I think our biggest problems are to forget things which really matter in life and never give them impotence. Right!! Which I faced. It's my own experience.


 As a humankind, it's natural to come problems in our life. Mostly I did this many time in my past. The result of which is facing till today. Consider that you don't do that. Most of the people chose this way to feel relax. But reelection is only for a short while.


This is the biggest mistake done by you.   You shouldn't show laziness. Why?  You should know the value of your time and work. If you can't give them value and importance. You feel laziness.


 It is important to update yourself. This way you can convert all time and it's useful to avoid laziness. When you know things and update yourself you feel the freshness. But sometimes we avoid ourselves that we need not it yet.

It's my opinion and experience that these three tips we should be considered in life.  I did this thing again and again in my past, Now, I am blogging in front of you and can tell you about my past.

When I feel bad, something happens wrong in my life, try to know what is happening in my life. I just do few things to be happy, to feel good. Here I want to show you that 5 tips who give me a good feeling that life is beautiful.



Here are the things that can't go ahead in life. You don't do anything if you have a negative feeling. They stop you when you want to make some creativity.

You should avoid negativity and let it in to dust been. Don't worry about it what is going wrong in life. If you want to be a happy person, leave negativity.

It depends on your mind. If you can control your mind then life is in your hand.  It is easy for someone to avoid it. Some people can't do it. If somebody succeeds in it. Its life will become easy to live.

To pray

I consider this in my entire life that Why all my alders pray very effectively? Because I can't understand why they do this every time.

Because I was a child at that time. After grew up. I knew through my experience it's very important to be calm, It helps to live with peacefulness.

It helps to calm down your mind. Everyone should know that pry is a very beneficial way to relax and we must do it until the end of our life.

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Everyone should know that Mediation is key to keep your mind under control. It's is very Important like "to pray".

I mentioned above. I always do mediation.  I should recommend to all do meditation daily in your life.

 It's very helpful. It makes the mind light. People can control all the body part by using mediation.


I absorbed that when people smile. There are some positive feeling around him. This thing is very useful to enjoy life's every movement.

When I see a people who are smiling after seen that I feel positive feeling around me. It is also helpful in work.

Means when I work hard and third for work and feel laziness. I watch funny videos on YouTube and meet a good person.  Who are 0ositive and smiles every day they make me energetic and I go back to work easily and smile without any reason to feel freshness any time.


It also impartment whom you meet and talk. It is necessary to meet with a positive people.

Whom you want to meet. When this kind of people meet with you and smile at you and give feedback.

You feel something good and became positive is make your whole day enjoy fully.


If people want to achieve anything in life that first priority is to be happy because in this world nothing can achievable without positivity. So, keep smiling, stay positive and avoid negativity from your life if you seriously want to achieve.

So friends, how do you like "TOP 5 WAY TO BE HAPPY -IN LIFE" article? Please, let me know by commenting. If you like this article then check my other related articles. Thank you

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