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The biggest question of youth that "What to do after school or college ends? - startgrid" Every youngster have this question and hovering it in their mind again n again after ends of school or college. Hi, friends my name is Hemang Kathiriya and today's articles about all youth who have this question. Here we try to solve it. And don't miss to read the previous 7 realistic way to earn money from home article. So, let's get started.

When we are in school or college we enjoying study and learning. Its look like everything will going to be good in life. We don't have enough any kind of tension, depression, stress, worries.

After finished schools or college questions are comes to mind that what to do? Now, what next?

Right!!!  So, don't worry I wrote this article to solve this problem. It will be a not big problem after
completely read this whole article.

What should I do after finished school or college?

 If you ask me that my answer is to do what work you love to do. Because there are so many ways to do things like you can apply for a job, start a business, learn new skills and give your service to other.

There are lots of ways to do and build a good career or personality. In this century I think biggest revolution is the internet. Everything can be done by internet. It is a very useful tool. It provides us any kind of information.

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To go for a job is nice. It is easy to go market and apply your C.V. or certificate to the company. If they like it! Then currants you are selected. But you can't expect a good salary.

But if you work online. The chances high to earn good money. For that, you will have to develop some skills. But don't worry it's easy to learn by using the internet. It is a very useful tool for learning, study.

If you are wondering after completing school or college studies and confused, what to next.  I am sure this tool can solve your problems.

If you don't like to do 9 to 5 job. This is the best platform for you to build a career online. Peoples, who are don't know how to work online? What kind of work should we do? Then you just use this platform to learning new things.

You know! As a human Bings, we can better understand things watching videos.  In my case, I also learned from YouTube and till now.  I want to be an android game developer. But I don't know how?

Because I never went college. So, I don't know how to do? What is a basic requirement it needs? What kind of language is used? Which soft wares I should download? ETC, these type of questions was hovering at that time.

At those days I was very confused and fell depression and tension. I suggested by my brother that relax. The Internet has answers to all questions. So, don't worry and don't take stress much.

He told me to do for Google sears. Where you can find you all question's answers. Though you can't understand.  Then go to youtube.


First I go to Google search to find my question's answer.  There are many results sown by Google search engine. Though it is very helpful information, But I wanted to find answers in videos. For that, I went to YouTube.

There is a number of video tutorials that anybody can learn anything easily. It is very easy to understand. If you use YouTube with a positive mindset. I must say it is the best teacher.

If I say about my experience with YouTube. It is amazing. Some time may be! It is quite difficult to sit in front of your Mobil, laptop or desktop for a long time. But you really want to learn or find the solution you will have to face this type of pain problems. It is ok. It can be also found by using youtube.

Friends, in today's world we can learn anything. There was a time when we got enough information. In this century we have a powerful or very useful thing we have and it is the internet.

Yes, my dear friends, we can find answers to our question, easily find the solutions, get any kind of information by using it.  We just put a little effort on our finger. That's it. All the information have appeared in front of you. So, why we should worry!

In today's modern days' students who have finished their studies or not matter they leave or drop their school or college. They have some questions which are hovering their mind and one of the best questions is what to do after left this. Right!

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What should I do after school or college ends?

SO, Friends as I mentioned above.  The Internet is a very helpful tool. We also can use it to develop our life. On the internet, there is lots way to increases our ability and very easy to get any kind of information.

The students and people who are wondering thinking what should t do after school or college ends?  Just do what I mentioned in this article. I am sure you will get a good result.

Before you start internet and apply to work. I want to give some advice. When you start learning through articles and videos never get many information one in a go. As a human binge, we always want to get more information. Don't do this. Because in this way you never know about the things very well.

Take 10 minutes' rest in the gape of work. Thereby, the body will get adequate comfort and work better. It is important to relax the body so that you can continue your work.

So, don't worry, what should I do after school or college end. The salutation is in your pocket.  You just have to put little effort on your fingers. That's it and you get the solution of your easy and very simple.

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Hemang Kathiriya

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