Hi friends in your life, "whatever happens, happens for good." Sometimes you don't focus on it. When you consider the situation and behave like everything is fine. Your life becomes light. Don't miss to read my other article about "stay away from negativity" There I explain why you should avoid negativity?

When problems come in someone life. They think like about that situation, why it happens to me and start to give an excuse to other.  That moment is very bad when something happening wrong with us.

Just think at that moment. What the feelings of people about that situation?  It is very bad moments in our life. Right…!!   If we facing bad moment it very difficult us to focus on positive side and what actually we need to do.

Yes, I agree that it is very hard to focus on good things when something happening wrong in your life. In reality, some people do same and some focus on the positive side in that condition.

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Here I give you some pointers that when happens something wrong what people do and think about it.

1. First, they try to run away from it

2. Don't take courage to face it

3. In this situation, they found someone who helps them.

4. They think that they will never end

5. You can see them every time in sadness

6. They never try to do something new

While people face this kind of problems, they think everything in deep

My thoughts were like that when I face the problems and felt myself -nothing. In those days. At those days, I got a computer which was given by my brother. It is old but worked good. I got internet connection also. The first day I was searched funny and entering things.

 After some week I felt it not right things who make me happy and can't make me that person who enjoys his life. I read many motivational and inspirational articles and watched some videos on YouTube.I also read some article on the internet and found one article that changed my whole life.


There was a time bound. There was a king. He wanted to teach his son fencing. He gave the command to his commander to teach his son a sword.

That commander was very clever and sensible. He was very well trained to learn the sword by the child that he accidentally bit his son's thumb.

The king turned out to be red-yellow with anger. He started shouting at the commander "What have you done!"

The commander said that what happens is for good. Hearing this, the king came and got more. He ordered the soldiers to put the commander in jail.

A few days later, the King's son went hunting with the new commander in the forest.

Some Aborigine caught them on the road. All the troubles have prepared that this boy should be sacrificed. As soon as he came closer to the sacrifice of an aborigine boy, he saw the boy's thumb cut. It means that the boy is fragmented and the things that are broken up by God are not strictly forbidden.

Because of this, aborigine left the boy and instead sacrificed the commander. As soon as the tribal left him, he ran away ran away to the king. He asked the king to take out the commander out of jail because his life saved him today.

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The king got the commander out of jail and thanked him. King told Sainathpathy that 'My son was due to you because it proved to be good for me but what proved to be good for you to go to jail?'

He smiled with the king and said, 'I am saying that whatever happens happens for all good.' If you did not punish me and put me in jail, then I would have sacrificed my place instead of that commander. '

This is the story which changed my life. Whenever I face problems and troubles I remind this story to my mind.  After that, I feel life is very beautiful. Problems don't come in life to give pain, they come because they want to make you something better.

I also want to give some tips to according to my past that what I feel after knew this story. Believe me, it's my own experience. Everybody would like these tips. After facing problems, troubles and after reminded this story to me. you can't understand how beautiful life is.

1. It can be felt that life is more beautiful

2. People can focus effect on things

3. They can do the job well, as they did not do before

4.No need to depend on anyone in any way

5. The mind remains intact so that it increases the ability to focus on something that is ours.

6. The new look comes on the face, from which your body feel fresh well

7.Finds new ways to move forward in life

So, these are the way what I feel when problems came in life and also now it comes but I know that how to react and take action if it needs.


This is the way to when something happens wrong and you can't able to get rid of in that situation, can't able to focus. Read this story and take your thought and feelings seriously in your life. Because life is very precious.  So, don't ruin it for few little problems.

This is my "Whenever happens, happens for good – in life" article. What's your thought about this article? Please share your thoughts in Comment in a comment box and share this article with your friends.

Written by:-
Hemang kathiriya

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